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Item(s) Amount
Inv stone Stone 70
Inv wrench Wrench


Wrench, also known as spanner, is a tool which allows players to repair any damaged walls, spikes or doors of any material. To do this, players must hold the wrench and hit the structure. This item was added in the My House, My Castle update.

To repair a wall or door, it must first be damaged which is indicated when a circle is around the structure. Players must walk up to a damaged structure with the wrench equipped and hit it. Hitting other items with the wrench will not deal any damage. Doors will not open when hit with the wrench.

Wrench is very important as a survivor in zombie mode. Zombies will destroy your base if structures are not repaired. Wrench also plays an important role since the dragons got the ability to break walls, we need a wrench to survive.

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