Crafting Station
Workcraft Workbench
Item(s) Amount
Inv winter fur Winter Fur 10
Inv blue cord Blue Thread 5
Inv white wolf fur White Wolf Fur 1
Inv peasant tunic Peasant's Tunic 1
Inv winter peasant tunic Winter Peasant's Tunic


The Winter Peasant's Tunic is a higher tier of Peasant's Tunic. With this, player's plants grow faster than when wearing the Peasant's Tunic. The wearer cannot be stolen from by all Hoods, whereas the Peasant's Tunic can be stolen from by players wearing the Winter Hood. It also provides the same cold protection as the Cap & Scarf, better than the basic tunic. This item was added in the Sounds Good update.

One of its crafting components is a white wolf fur. This item can only be obtained by completing a quest: players must collect 100 bread in the deep Winter in four days.

Wpt equipped-0

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