(This will not be a tutorial on how to get to winter.) The beginning, atleast in my opinion, is the hardest part of the game. I'm referring to pre-winter as beginning. In my opinion, harder than mid game and near the end of the game. Reason being:

1 - You might start off in the night which will force you to be quick to get supplies to build a fire, or find a fire.

2 -  The animals you need for materials may be very hard to come upon sometimes. For some odd reason, this happens a lot whenever you're looking for that specific animal. Maybe that's just my luck. Don't always expect to get a coat and ikea manual on your 2nd day, it might even take you 6.

3 - People will attack you and chase you away from your, or other people's fires. This makes me really angry sometimes and I end up ragequitting and quitting the game for a day.

4 - People will steal your animal kills. So you've finally found yourself a wolf, which for whatever reason are very scarce, and you only need 1 wolf fur left to make a coat. 5 hits in, someone with a coat comes up to you and steals the kill, then chases you through the night and you freeze to death.

These things make the beginning hard and aggravating. That likely won't change. However, you can still progress through the game and get out of that dreaded stage of the game. You can change things up depending on you, but here is how I play. First off, I would suggest you get the Extension. It adds some stuff to the game, including a clock, and some other stuff.. The clock appears after the time of day changes to day or it changes to night. So back on topic. If you start out in the day, first thing, collect wood, 15 wood to make a pickaxe, then collect wood and stone if you see any. Keep the numbers of wood and stone mostly the same. You don't need to get a ton of wood and stone on your first day, and I prefer to get 100 or more wood and stone on the first day. If you unfortunately start off in the night, quickly gather 15 wood, make a pickaxe, gather 30 more wood and 5 stone and make a fire, preferrably next to a bush. Go away from your fire when your cold meter is full and collect more wood and stone, atleast 30 wood and 5 stone but I'd aim for more. The berry bush should keep you from starving. Once you've survived that night, continue to the day to gather wood and stone, as I said you should earlier. Quick tips for getting wood and stone. To get wood quickly, go to the border where there are many trees and just harvest from those trees. You can get a lot of wood there. Also, if you are getting wood at night, make a fire on the border and harvest throughout the night. There is no tricks to harvesting stone, but using your map can make it a heck of a lot easier. There is a small stone deposit, which will come out as the smallest grey blob on the map, there is a medium stone deposit, which will come out as slightly smaller than the large stone deposit, and there is the large stone deposit, which will show as the largest grey blob. Aim for medium deposits and large deposits. I think medium deposits give you around 30 and large ones give around 40. Small ones only give 15. So on your map, aim for medium and large deposits. So once you have around 150 wood and 150 stone, try not to make a workbench, and try to use someone else's workbench, but if you have to, make a workbench, and make a stone sword then a stone pickaxe. Go around killing wolves, spiders, and collecting wood and stone. I guess you could kill rabbits as well at this time but to free inventory space, I wouldn't.I prefer to ditch berries and eat meat as my food, which you can obtain from wolves and rabbits, as you can only really get a lot of berries once you have a base. You need to kill atleast 5 wolves and 5 spiders, which is 5 wolf fur and 10 thread, to make a bag at a workbench. As soon as you can make this bag, make it. Dont worry if it took you a couple days, it usually takes me a little more than a day to make a bag. Once you have this bag, congratulations, you can hold either 2 or 3 more items, not sure. This makes it so that you can kill rabbits, wolves, and spiders. If you don't already have a lot of wood and stone, like 400 wood and 300 stone, then I'd suggest you keep harvesting because it saves you a little bit of time later, and having more resources is always better. So just keep killing wolves, rabbits, and spiders, and maybe harvesting resources here and there. Make fires to survive the night and cook some meat. Once you have 8 rabbit fur and 4 thread, make earmuffs, the first chapka, and wear it by clicking on it. Do not right click it. That will delete it. The earmuffs provide a little bit of protection from cold, which can help you if you're harvesting resources in the night. Once you have 5 wolf fur and 5 threads, go to a fire and make 5 paper which uses wood, then make an ikea manual at a workbench. This is very helpful in cooking food and making things that would otherwise take a long time to make without it. To use it, hold the ikea manual while crafting something. Crafting speed increases drastically. At night, use this to cook all your meat at a fire. The next thing you should make is a coat. It requires 10 wolf fur and 6 threads. Make this. It provides more cold resistance. You don't get cold in the day and in the night you don't get nearly as cold as you would without a coat. Next is gold tools. Just get 80 or more gold and use wood and stone to make a gold pick and gold sword. In order to make a new tool, you need the last tier of that tool. So to make a stone pick, you need a wood pick. To make a gold sword and pick, you need a stone sword and pick. So once you got that done, spend a day or 2 harvest wood and stone. Try to get 1200 wood and 500 stone, you can go higher if you want, the higher the better. This is used to make campfires in the winter. If you've never gone to the winter, it is really cold and you can die easily if you don't have enough fire. The coat really helps in battlign the cold, though. So you might be saying, 1200 wood and 500 stone is a lot to get. Well, remember my wood and stone harvesting tips that I gave you earlier. With a gold pick, you can harvest much faster, 4 wood per hit per tree and 3 stone per hit per stone deposit. I say "per tree" and "per stone deposit" because you can get multiple trees and stone deposits at once. Try it. You also need meat. 30-40 meat will do, you can always kill the animals in the winter which can be a challenge if you're new. So you've finally got enough wood, stone, and meat, and now you need to head into the winter biome. You're now out of that dreaded pre-winter stage. I suggest you look up a couple YouTube videos on how to survive the winter and how to kill animals there, which 100% will kill you if not done correctly. It took me a couple tries to learn how to kill them correctly, which is just a euphemism for a couple times of me failing miserably and dying. The reason I did not tell you to make a helmet or a explorers hat is because there would be no way you would have enough inventory space to survive winter. All you need to bring to winter is: 1200 or more wood, 500 or more stone, 10 thread (for scarf and cap), minimum 30 meat, a coat, and an ikea manual. Make fires while you're in winter. To find diamonds, go to the other end of winter, which requires maybe 10 or 12 fires, which is just an estimation. From there, you just make a scarf and some diamond tools and maybe some amethyst. Oh and you should probably find or make a base. One more thing, I think helmets you should make when you already have the resources to do so. Meaning you come back to forest biome, make a stone hat, then gold, then diamond, then amethyst. That's how I do it to save space.