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    May 6, 2017 by AmQuake

    As we all know, the original founder of the wikia is has been inactive for some time now. In order to fix this, the wikia must be adopted (more info ). However, for an adoption request with multiple active editors, we need to discuss the new staff.

    As of May 6th, the current user edit list is as follows(first few):

    Name Edits Joined Extra
    Eogito 251 April 11th Active (See also reddit)
    AmQuake 199 April 20th Active (this post)
    Hildahwwong 182 April 9th Active (started admin discussion)
    TropicSapling 117 April 24th Active
    PHOENIX147 91 April 17th Community active (started admin discussion)
    Xamaximus 68 April 17th Inactive.
    Chenleo 60 April 9th Now active

    *Edit count pulled from user's pages

    Additionally, the admin must be inactive for 60 days-- making …

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