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These are the latest and future updates, according to's changelog and its official discord.

Future Updates


  • Scales and Dragon Tiers
  • Wild Tribe & Obsidian
  • Cave biome, unknown green ore, scorpion mob [1]
  • Totem to create team
Totem will work like this :
If you hit it you will join the clan (unless you are already in a clan, you will have a button to quit the actual clan)
So that mean you can steal the clan of other / You can destroy clan of other...
Door (shared) Locked chest shared, spike do not make damage
But I keep friendly fire ---LapaMauve(dev)

Coming soon in the next update


  • Players will be able to create teams.
  • Survival kits: you will get those when you die and respawn. You only can get survival kits within 30 minutes of death, on the same server. Survival kits are disabled for Hunger Games servers.
Kit Tier XP Required on Death Items
1 2000 Berries
2 4000 Berries, Raw meat, 1 fire
3 6000 Raw meat, Big fire, Wooden pickaxe
4 15000 Raw meat, Big fire, Wooden pickaxe, Workbench, Wood, Stone
5 25000 Raw meat, Big fire, Stone pickaxe, Workbench, Wood, Stone, Bag
6 35000 Raw meat, Big fire, Stone pickaxe, Workbench, Wood, Stone, Gold, Bag, Dragon Heart

Note: No item amounts were specified, except the one fire for level 2. You can accumulate points.

  • Amethyst helmet will be added. (most likely picture 2)
    Amethyst helmets spoiler

Bug Fixes:

  • Amethyst pickaxe bug will be fixed.
  • Moving glitch will be fixed.
  • Fake tree will be fixed.


  • According to the developer, the update will be in a few days from May 19, 2017.

Latest Updates

05 / 17 - HE IS ALIVE !

Additions / Changes:

  • Added resurrection stone & dragon heart.
  • Added lock & key (to chests, thanks to our #1 wiki editor Eogito for the textures!)
  • Hunger Games
    • When there are only 4 players left, their positions are visible on the minimap every 20 seconds.
  • New token system; if you get disconnected you'll now reconnect without losing your character.
  • Carrying weapons now makes you slower.
  • Added delay when changing weapons.
  • Nerfed scarf in forest biome.
  • Buffed all other chapkas in winter biome.
  • Changed the limits to get highscore in Wall of Fame: minimum is now 10 players.
  • Changed hitbox.
  • Added support for AZERTY keyboard.


  • Slightly fixed the rendering glitch

05 / 03 - WALL OF FAME

Added WALL OF FAME(Leader-boards)

Bug fixes:

  • High-resolution snow
  • Explorer hat in spectator mode
  • Helmet/Hat Glitch
  • Hunger games winner after the last two people die
  • Inventory covering minimap on small screens
  • Hitboxes are smaller now (spear/sword changed--spear harder to hit, smaller sword range)


  • Hunger games deaths are displayed to everyone
  • Clicking on the mini-map now places a pin to mark locations
  • Changed the recipe of the explorer's hat to 5 rabbit fur, 5 paper and 4 thread
  • Players now have more life
  • Buffed bandages & health regen
  • Backpacks(Bags) now give 3 slots instead of 2.

*To craft an amethyst tool, you need to craft a book before, because of the time of the craft. (Viking's idea)

04 / 29 - HUNGER GAMES

You have 10min to enter in the Hunger Games Mode before it starts. If you die, you can not return to the mode before the end. You can be a spectator: You are invisible for the players but you can chat with other spectators near you. The Hunger Game ends when only one player remains in the game.


  • Hunger Games game-mode
  • Spectator option is available
  • Ends when only one player is left in the server

Bug Fixes/Additions:

  • You can now press Y to zoom the minimap.
  • Backpack now gives 2 slots.
  • Dragon & Spiders have been nerfed.
  • Cave size has been changed.
  • Amethyst tools can destroy buildings now, albeit slowly.
  • Wooden buildings can be destroyed by every weapon, but slower than hammers.


Winterupd Preview


  • Winter Biome added + updated map
  • Colder
  • No bushes
  • Bigger biome than Forest
  • Diamonds can only be found in the Winter Biome

Mobs Added:

Picture Name Attributes Drops
Winter fox
Arctic Fox Hostile 2 Raw Meat

1 Winter Fur

Polar Bear Hostile 3 Raw Meat

2 Winter Fur

Dragon Hostile Raw Meat

Items Added:

Picture Name Item Description Recipes
Inv blue cord
Blue Thread Used to craft Cap and Scarf 1 thread + 1 diamond
Inv Cap and scarf
Cap & Scarf Acts as an even stronger Wolf Chapka. 1 Wolf fur chapka + 20 winter fur + 10 blue thread
Inv amethyst
Amethyst Amethyst pieces

Used to craft the best items possible

Mined from Amethyst Ore
Inv amethyst pickaxe
Amethyst Pickaxe Mines everything 90 gold + 60 diamond + 30 amethyst + diamond pickaxe
Inv amethyst sword
Amethyst Sword Does more damage than Diamond Sword 130 gold + 80 diamond + 50 amethyst + diamond sword
Inv spear amethyst
Amethyst Spear Does more damage than Diamond Spear 120 gold + 100 diamond + 50 amethyst + golden spear
Inv amethyst wall
Amethyst Wall More durable than Diamond Walls 20 amethyst + diamond wall
Inv amethyst door
Amethyst Door More durable than Diamond Doors diamond door + 60 amethyst
Inv amethyst spikewall
Spiked Amethyst Wall More durable than Diamond Spikes

Deals more damage than Diamond Spikes

20 amethyst + 15 stone + amethyst wall
Inv hammer stone
Stone Hammer Can deal damage to walls 120 wood + 60 stone
Inv hammer gold
Golden Hammer Deals more damage to walls 160 wood + 120 stone + 80 gold + Stone Hammer
Inv hammer diamond
Diamond Hammer Deals even more damage to walls 80 diamond + 150 gold + 200 stone + Golden Hammer
Inv hammer amethyst
Amethyst Hammer Deals a lot of damage to walls 250 gold + 160 diamond + 60 amethyst + 1 Diamond Hammer

Bug Fixes:

  • Weapons do severely less damage to buildings. Hammers--a new weapon--are the best way to do significant damage to structures.
  • NEW Keyboard shortcut
  • Improved colors of Gold Helmet at Night
  • Re-balanced Swords, Spears & Pickaxe
  • Change the range of weapons
  • Optimized client bandwidth (client was sending useless datas)
  • Fixed Book recipe
  • New recipes for Explorer Hat and Book
  • Increased the health of buildings
  • Slightly buffed Spiders
  • Added Wiki button(this one)

04/17- Look Cool

Items Added

Bug Fixes

  • Changed sword design
  • Fixed bandage bug
  • Destroying buildings now gives you resources
  • Extended the time you can spend on another tab
  • Slightly modified attack delay
  • Buffed chapkas

04/13- Winter is Coming (Soon, Promise :3)

Bug Fixes

  • Added banner
  • Nerfed Spiders
  • Nerfed Spears
  • Fixed bug inventory
  • Unnamed now have numbers
  • Fixed Paint Tool

04/11- Winter is Coming

Items Added:


Item Description



Stone spear
Inv spear stone
Has longer reach than a sword Stone Spear 80 wood + 20 stone
Golden spear
Inv spear gold

Has longer reach than a sword

Gold Spear 120 wood + 60 stone + 40 gold
Diamond spear
Inv spear diamond
Has longer reach than a sword Diamond Spear 250 wood + 80 gold + 50 diamond
Inv furnace
Feed with wood to create a heat source Furnace 150 wood + 100 stone + 50 gold

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed chest bug
  • Fixed spawn position of the animals.
  • Rabbits and wolves now loot leather every time
  • You can now press ESC to quit the chat.
  • Spikes, walls and doors have more life.
  • Smooth shade between night and day

04/08- Fashion Week

Items Added:

Bug Fixes:

  • Auto-feed added. Press R to activate.
  • Fixed door and spike bug
  • Fixed glitch (when your player becomes invisible)
  • Fixed animal collision
  • Nerfed sword damage
  • Big Fire lasts longer

04/07 - Upgrades

Items Added:

Bug Fixes/Updates:

  • Can cancel crafting. Will not return items if canceled
  • Improved collision system
  • Improved inventory
  • Mobs cannot spawn on players
  • Nerfed Spiders

04/03 - Community Experience



  • Chest, you can store items in it.
  • Door, only the placer of the door can open it by punching.


  • Added servers in EU, USA, ASIA and AUSTRALIA.


  • Improved Painter
  • Now when you hit, you slow down
  • Improved points system (by killing other players). Now you win 1/3 of the players score.

03/31 - Attack If You Dare



  • Spider, a hostile animal that can disable players' moving ability and drops two thread upon death.


  • Thread, dropped by the spider, can be used to create bandages and chapkas.
  • Bandage, crafted near a workbench using threads.
  • Walls, can be used to build bases.(only stone, gold and diamond at the mean time)
  • Big fire, lasts longer than the fire pit.


  • Added servers in EU, USA, and ASIA.


  • Added empty slots.


  • Fixed Safari and Edge issue
  • Improved Painter
  • Wolves are stronger & give more meats

03/28 - Starving Of Drawings


  • Painter (Beta Version), you can now draw your ideas and post them on Reddit! Thanks to this, your drawing will generate a code, that can be directly included in the game!

03/26 - Wolves Are Starving



  • Wolf, a hostile animal that drops wolf fur and two raw meat upon death.


  • Minimap, works on both night and day.


  • Balanced food system
    • Berries give more food
    • Berries spawn more quickly

03/25 - Rabbits Are Tasty



  • Rabbit, a passive animal that drops rabbit fur and raw meat upon death.


  • Raw meat, dropped from rabbits.
  • Cooked meat, you can cook a piece of raw meat near a fire source to get it.


  • Balanced crafting for some items
  • Improved collision system
  • Improved score system

03/24 - Online

  • The birth of

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