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Tools are items that are used by player to enhance a specific action in game. There are currently four types of tools in game: pickaxes, swords, spears, and hammers. Each have four tiers, from stone to amethyst which improve the efficiency with each upgrade. (With the exception of pickaxes, which have five tiers from wood to amethyst.) All tools, with the exception of the wooden pickaxe, require a workbench to craft.


Pickaxes are tools that allow the player to obtain resources. All pickaxes share size and speed, with damage, gather/hit, and sprites change as they are upgraded. The pickaxe is the most used tool in While upgrading a pickaxe does not affect its speed or size, it does increase the amount harvested every hit. In late game, some players prefer to upgrade it last due to the fact that resources hold a maximum amount of materials and increasing the gather rate does not increase the total gather amount.

Pickaxe Gathering Rates

Resources Wooden pickaxe Stone pickaxe Gold pickaxe Diamond pickaxe Amethyst pickaxe
Wood 2 3 4 5 6
Stone 1 2 3 4 5
Gold X 1 2 3 4
Diamond X X 1 2 3
Amethyst X X X 1 2


The sword is a tool used to deal damage at other players and mobs. There are four variants to swords: stone sword, golden sword, diamond sword, and amethyst sword. Swords have a smaller range but deal more damage than spears.


The spear is a long range weapon used primarily for hunting and defense. Spears are unique for their ability to attack targets from a distance. This allows players to safely attack mobs/players through objects, such as walls and bushes. Spears deal less damage than swords.


Hammers are tools used for breaking structures. Out of all the tools, they cost the most resources to craft. Hammers are useful because most spears and swords are only able to minimally damage wooden structures. An exception is the amethyst tools, which are capable of destroying any structures, but they do this very slowly. Hammers do significantly more damage to structures.

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