Used in
Inv blue cord Blue Thread
Inv bag Bag
Inv earmuffs Earmuffs
Inv coat Coat
Inv bandage Bandage
Inv book Ikea Manual
Inv explorerhat Explorer's Hat
Inv hood Hood
Inv peasant tunic Peasant's Tunic

Inv mill Windmill


Thread is an in-game item that is dropped exclusively by spiders. Each spider drops 2 thread upon death. Thread is used for crafting many different items.

More Information

Thread is one of the most useful resources in the game. It is used to craft chapkas, needing 4 thread for earmuffs, and 6 thread for coat, as well as bandages (2 thread each). Also, the Backpack requires 6 thread and the IKEA manual 4. It can also be used to obtain blue thread, which is needed for the Cap & Scarf, Winter Hood, and Winter Peasant's Tunic. Lastly, 2 thread is needed to craft a windmill.

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