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This is going to be a list of suggestions for the developers. We know that there is a sub-reddit where you can post drawings for new things in, but this page won't be just for drawings. Here, we will post new gameplay ideas, items, tools, anything you really want!

To post a new idea, click the edit button and add the idea in the appropriate category, then save your edits.

Category Idea Reason(s) Description
Gameplay Legit movement A lot of players get really annoyed when they're running away from a hostile, bump into a corner between 2 trees, press w to get out of it, and instead move down, losing a lot of health to the hostile and possibly dying. Fix movement mechanics so you move in the direction of whatever key you press, and not where the game wants you to go.
More realistic inventory system The current inventory system is a bit weird; holding 8 items at once doesn't really make sense, and a backpack only being able to hold one item neither makes sense. Decrease the inventory you start with to like 4-5 items, then you can have some easy-to-make small bag (maybe a basket made out of sticks, possibly also some string?) that can hold a few items and then the backpack can hold at least 2 additional items.
Crafting Improvement When crafting a lot of the same item, for example walls, it takes quite a lot of time and it would make sense that you can craft things faster after you've crafted it many times since then you would have learned how to craft it in the fastest possible way. Make it possible to craft faster not only by using an IKEA manual but also just by gradually improving your crafting "skills" for an item. For example you could make it so that when you've crafted 10 walls it will only take 3 s. to create new walls instead of 5 s.
(I'd recommend a maximum crafting time decrease of between 1/5 and 1/3)
Separate armour Having your inventory clogged up by different hats/coats is really annoying Add 2 slots specifically for wearables: Coat and helmet.
Mobs Alpha Dragon Soon, the dragons in the snow biome are going to become easy to beat. So why not plan ahead and make an Alpha Dragon along with the Dragon nest. The Dragon nest would have baby dragons in it. (Pretty much free exp) But if you try to attack or even get near one,the Alpha Dragon will move toward you. It will try to scare you out of the nest. If it does not scare you,it will start hurting you. If you have no armor on it will take  three quarters of life. You will probably need diamond or amethyst weapons to beat one alone. Along with one of the helmets. You will most likely need a team of at least three people. The Alpha Dragon will have the ability to freeze you. Similar to the spider's web ability just longer.
Anaconda Roams in the Rain-forest Ambushes you from large trees, and may hide in grass. When on top of you it will attempt to suffocate you. Deals as much damage as a polar bear to a player with no armor when suffocated. When you are being suffocated you move much slower but you can still attack. When not being suffocated the anaconda deals as much damage as a spider to a player with a viking helmet(First possible helm to craft).
Crocodile Resides in or near water sources such as ponds, streams, or rivers The Crocodile will leap out at you ferociously if they are hiding in the water and you are near the water source they reside in. Otherwise they are slower than you on land.
Flying Mobs Bird The only flying mob currently in game. The Bird can fly over walls, trees, and other objects other mobs will be stopped at. It can only be attacked by melee weapons when it lands (sometimes lands on rock, in bush, or in tree). Otherwise, when it flies, the Bird can not be damaged by melee weapons but can be damaged by arrows. It runs away from its attacker like a rabbit.
Shield For shelter from mobs and people Unaffected by a bow and if exposed to the sword , his life reduced fewer and the way more slowly ( by : Ali_Fahmi . )
Item Bow/arrows In order to be easy to kill the mob and to kill people Ranged damage, however mobs will move in strange ways. ( by : Ali_Fahmi . )
Grass Found in Rain-Forest Grass can be harvested like berry bushes. You may collect grass by hitting it with any weapon(pickaxe, spear, sword).
Amethyst Helm

Combine head gears

Why just have a diamond helm, when you can craft an amethyst helm?

People hate it when you have room taken up with head gears, why not combine all the head gears together, like the parka and the helmets together.

Have the helm reduce damage even more from attacks from mobs and other players

The way to do this when they finally get to the max of both items, (the parka and the helm), and they can combine it together to make more room, but still have the effects on the helmet/parka.

Amethyst Helmet texture (made by xXyroGodx/Yannik):

Wooden Cup So that you can drink water. 20 wood to craft and an IKEA Manual required. The item will appear in its own separate inventory space. Clicking on it will use up the water inside it, but not the cup. You will regain 3/5 thirst. Up-gradable to bottle.
Grass Bottle Holds a lot of water, 3 times as much as Wooden Cup. 40 wood and 20 Grass to craft and like weapons or tools(Pickax, Sword, Spear, Coat, etc.) it replaces its previous version(Wooden Cup). You can hold it like an IKEA manual and by left-clicking with your mouse, you can use 1/3 of the water in it. You can collect water by setting it under the rain to collect rainwater or equip it in a water source such as stream, pond, or river to instantly refill it. You may have up to 2 Grass Bottles(one on each side of the backpack). The grass is to hold the bottle together and prevent leaks.
Sign Sometimes you want to leave messages for other people in a certain location so you don't have to stay there to explain something to players. Add a sign (25 wood) that the person who placed it can edit, that you can walk through and will tell players its message when they hit it.
Graphics Quality settings Graphic lag is one of the leading causes of frustration in games Make quality settings that will change the quality from higher to lower settings for players to adapt so their computer doesn't lag as much.
Other Right-hand chat window It's sometimes hard to coordinate while teaming when you're on different sides of the map. When players chat, their message also shows in the chat window for long-range communication
Keyboard layout setting For Europeans, it is to difficult to communicate in game with the keyboard Make a button setting at home page for the layout setting. QWERTY or AZERTY
World Desert Biome Another biome to explore, but instead of getting cold you get hot. Make a desert biome (with appropriate features) on the left side of the map. Getting hot means you lose water faster.
Rain-forest Biome A new biome with streams, rivers, ponds, and rain. Beginners will spawn in the Rain-forest. Going into a stream,river, or pond refills your thirst. You will gradually lose thirst starting from the beginning of your day 2(This is to make it easier for beginners). In the Rain-forest there are anacondas and crocodiles in ponds. Ponds grow in size when it rains. It rains every 2 days in this biome. There are grass and trees and very few rocks. There are also mushrooms as berries.
Health, Food, Cold, and Thirst Thirst Another way to die. Basically like Food, you slowly go down, but thirst goes down faster. You will need to get water from streams/rivers. When it rains you regain water while you stand under the rain, every second equal to 1/10 thirst. You can also collect rainwater using a wooden cup, or bottle, then use it by clicking on it to gain the water in the cup equal to 3/5 thirst.
Spawning Roots Provides small help for beginners exclusively roots found in forest only. Value = berry (10% of hunger bar). About 5 of these should be in the woods at all times, so they aren't exactly all that common (randomly)

However, they can only be harvested by hand. After all, is your sword going to help you carefully pluck roots? Axe? Nope. This discourages players with full inventory slots from "snacking" on the roots, keeping them away from the low level players. They provide 0 points when harvested. Their unappetizing appearance will stave players away who are not in need, and the The root takes up separate inventory slots than berries, so players that have established farms will be unlikely to harvest many, and also it requires a spare slot to use your hand.

All in all, this idea benefits the beginner player very slightly, and really doesn't affect the flow of the game or late game. Players can walk over roots without collision (like a retracted door).

Click here to vote for which suggestions you would like the developer to implement.

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