WAIT! Before you read this (or anything else for that matter), make sure your auto-feed (R key) is on so you don't accidentally starve!

So: Your friends are telling you that you should play, but you have no idea how to do so? This wiki and this page are here to help. is a hard and very complicated game already (and will get more and more complicated over time), so you'll need to refresh your strategies every once in a while. That's why this page exists.


The most important thing in this game is to survive the cold, hunger and aggressive players which attack you for no reason. Many possible strategies are listed below

Choosing a Server

The first thing you should do is find a server that suits you. To do this, you have to take into account the lag/latency and player count. Under normal circumstances you would want a server with little to no lag. The further the server is from your device, the more lag. For example: I (PHOENIX147) live in British Columbia (west Canada) so I would play on a server in Seattle (Even though I normally play on LA #1) and not Roubaix. However, if you live in, let’s say, Moscow, you would want to play on a St. Petersburg server and not a LA server.

Another factor to consider that contributes to lag is player count, as the more players there are on a server, the more data the server has to compile and the lower the tick rate (No, not frame rate: that is only client-side) goes. Speaking of player count, there are some advantages and disadvantages for high and low player counts: With a high player count, It’s easier to make teammates so you can kill hostile mobs faster (Okay fine. You can kill players faster too, but I honestly think that that’s bullsh*t and don’t recommend it), however progression rate is much lower while starvation rate is much higher because more people need resources, and there are only so many to go around. As for lower player counts, it is much easier to progress and survive (not mentioning the lag we were talking about earlier) but it might be harder to find a teammate that you can progress with. Another thing is that it’s easier to join servers with low player counts because of the servers’ player limits: 33, 67 and 100.

Spawn and First Day

Your first day (and night) are probably the most difficult in the game - Even though your status bars are full, they will quickly decrease and you might die. I guess the first thing we should cover is spawning in the nighttime: You have 2 choices: either die, wait until day and respawn, or try to survive the night and start during the day. If you went with the second choice, and see no campfire anywhere, here is what to do: first find two trees that you can hit at the same time and get at least 15 wood, with which you can craft a wooden pickaxe. Then, hit some more trees and rocks until you have 30 wood and 5 stone, with which you must make a campfire. Quickly place it down near a bush/trees, and wait out the night.

Now that it’s day, you should gather resources. Gather as many as you can, and make sure you have a tier 2 campfire for the night. Try to make a workbench (40 wood and 20 stone) ASAP, so you can start making stone tools. One thing you should also do is: If you have 5 or more berries, invest three of them into a berry bush, so you can start farming food if you ever run out.

Early Game

Now that you have a workbench, a slowly growing plant and a wooden pickaxe, you should start going for stone tools. But before you start going on adventures, make a tier 2 campfire for the night so you won’t get caught with no fire and freeze. Stone tools require 30 stone and 60 wood each (approximately. Didn’t check for a while) to make a pickaxe and a sword.

Q: Aren’t spears better?

A: Spears have longer range but less damage. They’re only really effective for hunting rabbits, but that can easily be overcome by trapping them against a tree or something and smiting them with a sword.

The first mid-game item you (or at least I normally) should go for is the IKEA manual: 5 thread, 5 wolf fur, and 5 paper, which equates to 150 wood, 5 wolves, and 3 spiders. Also you get 1 extra thread and 10 meat in the process. The book takes a while to craft, so make sure your hunger and cold bar are full and no mobs or players are trying to attack you.

Q: Why the book and not the backpack or gold tools?

A: The book makes crafting 3 times faster; allowing you to progress more and not spend as much time crafting.

Once you have the book I personally go for the backpack (and I recommend it to you as well) which takes 10 thread and 5 wolf fur, equating to 5 wolves and 5 spiders to kill. Again, you get 10 meat to cook for food. The backpack adds 3 inventory slots (although that number has been steadily going up >_>) making it easier to carry more types of items and releasing the need to build chests and bases around them. When you get the backpack, You should go for gold tools (80 gold + lots of stone and wood) while killing mobs to get 13 rabbit fur, 10 wolf fur, and 10 thread for the chapkas. Remember to equip your book while crafting!

Enhancing Survival Chances

After you got a Stone Weapon and some food, you usually don't die anymore from Cold and Hunger, except you forget to refill your Food Supply or to have the materials for a campfire. If you continue to gather Wood, Stone and Food by wandering around, you will never die from those 2 things, but you may be attacked by players attacking you for no reason, so try to avoid other people, especially their bases.

Another Possibility is to start building a base only for you/your Team. To make your base more useful than protecting you from Wolves and Spiders, you need to place some crafted Berry Bushes and later also a few Chests inside. See "Your Own Base" for more information. This Style has also a "good karma" version, which is achieved by teaming with everybody you see and letting the Base open for Players.

It is also possible to start killing everybody you see, but it has no sense, so just don't do it. You won't progress and you just make other people mad. Seriously, it has no sense.

Possible Playing Styles:

  • Neutral-Collecting aka. Nomadic Style (quicker progress, but a bit monotonic)
  • Neutral-Building aka. Noble Style (slower progress, but usually more fun)
  • Good-Building aka. Hotel Style (helps others, but you obtain much less food)
  • Very Evil-Egoistic aka. Satan Style (absolutely not recommended)

Base Building

No matter when you build it, it will help you on your way. However, corners are better for many reasons:

  • There aren't as many people because there are not many Berry Bushes nearby.
  • You don't need to build as many Walls.
  • Enemy Players can attack from one side only.
  • At corners and edges, you have a lot of wood.

There are also some advantages to watch out for which are not furfilled in the upper right corner, e.g.:

  • Many Stone Rocks around.
  • Many Gold Ores around.
  • Many Berry Bushes around.
  • You might want to have a more central Base for shorter running distances.
  • There might be an aggressive Player nearby. (but that´s everywhere possible)
  • You might be lonely.

Whatever you do, here are some general tips:

  • when you need a lot of wood, find a spot with two trees and hit the two at the same time.
  • Make sure nobody can "glitch" in your base by putting walls more tightly around natural walls like trees.
  • People CAN spawn in your Base.
  • Anything but Wood Walls will look indestructible for primitive Players, so only use them at the very start.
  • When somebody VERY strong visits you (violently), be friendly. Else you get killed or lose your Base.
  • even opening doors with your fists slowly destroys them.
  • Food bushes die after being hurt by tools (use your hand for harvesting!) AND after about 5 days.
  • put nothing "shiny" ike Diamonds or Gold in not completely safe chests. Robbers will take them, even though they can´t do anything with them. Better put Fur and Strings in there.
  • Expect anonymous teamplayers to steal or even attack you, if they are suspect.

Mid Game

Now you should instinctively start to get some Gold and craft the Gold pickaxe, weapon and armor (although armor is very expensive). It is usually better to have a base now where you can store additional items in chests because your inventory is getting pretty filled. Crafting a Bag (-pack) might be also a good idea, for the same reason. Chapkas can enable you to collect Gold (and probably Diamonds) in the night, even though these are often far away from your base, because of their warming effect. if you got the Wolf Chapka, you normally don´t need mob drops like thread anymore, except you really want to craft the IKEA Manual. The explorer hat has no use anymore as you can easily kill Wolves and Spiders when they attack you.

Your next Goal is either enhancing your already existing base or hoarding resources to craft every item possible. But don´t forget to have at least a stone helmet or you might die suddenly due to a Diamond Sword in the wrong hands.

New Playing Styles:

  • Neutral-Collecting aka. Greedy Style (more like Nomadic Style, some also call it "bandit" since you may steal berries)
  • Neutral-Building aka. King Style (more like Noble Style)

What Now?

Well, you have done basically everything possible in the game. As long as you have fun, you can do whatever you want, killing, helping, whatever. WHen you have to disconnect soon, it would be very nice to give somebody everything you possess. It makes people very Happy. Especially Tools, Weapons and things like Armor, Chapkas and the IKEA Manual can greatly enhance other peoples´ gameplay when they suddenly receive it. Be a good dude and don´t waste your items by dying without sharing them!

How to get coat easily and go to the winter

So what i usually do is get your stone pick first. Because you can get your other things even faster instead of having a wood pick forever, after that I usually find or build a fire doesn't matter how big but you will need to build another one if you have a small fire, then I get stone sword then big fire and work on getting gold pick and then after that just keep on finding fires or building them while trying to get the gold pick. Then the gold sword, I call all of this the resource stage. Because all you get is resources then whats coming next is the fur stage you want to find a friend or somebody, there are usually a lot of people at the biggest gold ore so you could go there that and then there will be a lot of people building fires during the night. Because all you are getting is furs so you wont have space. Then you are going to try to get the backpack/bag which is 10 string 5 wolf fur ounce you have that you will have space so you can now build fires. Then you go for the chapka which is 8 rabbit fur and 4 string after that get the coat 10 wolf fur and 5 rabbit fur and 6 string then you will go for the book to craft everything faster and it cost 5 string ,5 wolf fur ,and 5 paper then since you already got the gold stuff you can get ready for the winter. What I do is get like in the 1000s of wood and stone then like 200-300 gold that will make it where you can go in the winter without needing to collect any resources. So you can use your book in the winter to build a fire WHEN NEEDED so you have more space. Then travel to bottom diamonds or top I usually go in a cycle. Then you can go for what you want cap and scarf or diamond tools or helmet or anything else.

The winter biome

The winter biome is a very hostile place. You rarely see any players in the winter biome. You will find stronger enemys such as the Polar bear and the Arctic Fox. If you decide to go in to the winter biome I recommend you to have atleast earmuffs (rabbit chapka) and a gold pickaxe. Earmuffs are made using 8 rabbit fur and 4 thread which means you need to kill 8 rabbits and 2 spiders and you will have 8 meat left over. You need to bring some campfires (recommended 15-30 depending on how long you'll stay), don't bring ANY tier 2 camp fires cause you will just waste recources. If you did not bring enough campfires you can gather recources while you are in the winter biome to make another campfire or more. The good side of the winter biome is that it has all the resources from the game (wood, stone, gold, diamonds, amethyst) and the enemies can also drop items for the cap & scarf (winter chapka).

How to get amethyst easy

When you finally reach the cave you will encounter the strongest enemy in the game; the dragon. It is very hard to kill a dragon with even an amethyst sword/spear. The easiest way to get the amethyst is to trap the dragons 1 by 1 with walls. If you want to kill the dragons you can use spike walls but it's a waste of resources and time. Make sure you have a DIAMOND pickaxe when you get to the amethysts. Speaking of which there are only 3 amethysts in the game and amethyst tools/weapons are the most powerful in the game and when you have amethyst helmet you are immune to stone weapon damage(needs verification).

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