This is meant only for fun. Enjoy!

The game character relates closely to a character, so that's what I based it off of.

It was a nice day on a server, with less spawn-killers than usual. You somehow got to area 4 but then realised that you have a non-functional build and died. "Oh well. I'll just respawn then and start over with a better build.", you say. But when you respawn, a completely different scene surrounds you. Instead of a gridded floor, a field surrounds you. Instead of experience orbs, there are trees and bushes. Instead of monsters, there are wolves and bunnies. Some player named 'Trump' is building a wall.

Without thinking too much, you think that this game is, the game some of your friends were talking about, where you gather resources and build bases. You don't know too much about this new game, but one thing's for sure: the sun is setting, and you need a campfire. After punching trees for a bit, you begin to realise that you can't make a campfire with just wood; only a pickaxe. So, you begin punching a stone deposit. Ow! This is not the right tool! That must be what the pickaxe is for! So, you craft a pickaxe, and then try mining stone. Much better! When you get a few stones, you are suddenly able to craft a campfire. Yay, you can survive the night!

But wait! Your food bar is getting dangerously low! That must be what the bushes are for! you punch a bush several times, and get 5 berries, after which it says 'Resource is empty.' You think this is enough to survive the night, at least for now, and head back to your fire. Now that it's night time and you get really cold if you step away from your fire, you pull out your PDA and do some research about this game. It's not, it's a much more realistic game! You head over to the strategies page and read it for a bit. But the one thing you notice most is: if you're going AFK for a while, make sure that auto feed is on (Press 'R' key). Wait what?!

A classic noob's mistake.