Stone is the second most basic and common resource in and is used mostly in recipes. It is gathered with a pickaxe by hitting stone deposits, which can be found anywhere on the map. Stone is required to craft stone, gold, and diamond tools and gear (shovel, pickaxe, weapons, helmet and hammer), as well as in various types of structures. Using higher level pickaxes will collect more stone per hit. Stone can be gathered using any pickaxe, or by digging with a shovel.

Stone deposits appear in different sizes.

  • World ore stone Stone deposits in the forest:
  • World ore snowstone Stone deposits in the winter:


Stone is used primarily for crafting middle tier items.

Stone is used to craft:

Other uses can be:

  • Player Gathering Score (2 points for 1 stone)

Amount of stone gathered per hit with different pickaxes:

Stone collected per hit
Wooden pickaxe 1
Stone pickaxe 2
Gold pickaxe 3
Diamond pickaxe 4
Amethyst pickaxe 5

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