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New Update
New Clothing Inv winter hood Winter Hood - Inv peasant tunic Peasant's Tunic - Inv winter peasant tunic Winter Peasant's Tunic
More Quests Inv white wolf fur Inv black wolf fur See chrono quests!
Other Excitements Volume Sound Effects! - Starter1Starter6Starter9 New Starter Kits!
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Latest Update
- 08 / 20 - SOUNDS GOOD
2 new Chrono-Quests are now available! See the full changelog here!

- 1000 Edits! -
Congrats to 109Natsu and Eogito on having 1000 edits. 1000 isn't an easy number to get, but Eogito and 109Natsu made it! I'm proud of them and also the whole wiki group on making the wiki so much better, with out you, we'd never be able to make it this far. :)

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