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Official Message
  1. You cannot donate for beta anymore. You can still donate for the Patron discord role on Patreon, but you will not get any beta keys.
  2. There are no updates being planned soon. Please do not get confused by clickbaits. You can check the progress of the game development on this page.
Latest Update
- 09 / 20 - Bakers are your bankers
New autumn colors!
Autumn update
New market system
See the full changelog here!

- 10000 Edits in Total!!! -
We have reached 10000 Edits on the wiki! Thanks to all of you who has been participating on the wiki. Every single edit from these awesome people made this possible. Thanks for supporting wiki, and have a nice time gaming!
Other Languages
- 7 Languages now available! -

Help us on Espanõl translating!

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