The extension is a 3rd-party minor-modification browser extension that enhances gameplay by adding useful features that the game does not have. This is developed by Tjstretchalot on reddit. This was initially released as an Auto-Book Firefox extension on May 31, 2017, and now have been updated multiple times to include the features below. This extension is available for Google Chrome on the Chrome Store or for Firefox.


The extension contains many features that are useful however do not give the player an advantage in gameplay.

  • Help: Press H while in-game to show a help menu.
  • Auto-Book: Press T while in-game to turn on 'Auto-Book', which will equip a book if one is in your inventory if you do not have it equipped and you try to craft something.
  • Swap inventory slots: Example - type "-swap 1 2" in chat (no quotes) to swap slots 1 and 2.
  • Remap keys: Make slots 10 and 11 press-able (10 is '0' and 11 is P by default). Type "-remap F 5" in chat to make F use slot 5. You can also remap direction keys. Type "-unmapall" to clear.
  • Warnings: Automatically warns before deleting items to avoid accidental deletion. Press L to disable.

(source: Google Chrome Store, edited for clarifications)


This gallery was created by the Wiki on version

Extension MenuImage S-3

Left: the main help menu! Press H to open this. | Right: gameplay with Auto-Book.

Image S-2 Image S-4

Left: crafting categories | Right: An example of the comprehensive crafting recipe.


This extension can be downloaded freely on the Chrome Store or manually as a file.

The wiki cannot be responsible for the legality or the safety of the files, as they are not coded or affiliated by the wiki. We have not seen the staff announce this as punishable.

Chrome Download on Chrome Web Store (Latest version)

Reddit Link for Downloading (multiple versions to choose from :p)

If you aren't an expert on downloading extensions manually on Firefox, please see this guide.

Source Code

Update: Source code of the latest version is now available on GitHub as well.

Here's the source code of script.js (the main file) as of v., for checking & debugging reasons:

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