Resources are items that can be obtained by either farming or hunting, and are used in multiple crafting recipes.

There are currently 10 resources that can be acquired in the game: wood, stone, gold, diamond, amethyst, rabbit fur, wolf fur, thread, winter fur, and dragon heart.

To see which resource is required for each recipe, please go here.

Farming Resources

Farming resources are obtained by hitting their respective stationary source (a certain tier pickaxe might be needed). These slowly generate units of their resource until the maximum capacity is reached. (It is not tested yet whether the generation speed depends on size or resource).

Although Berries are not considered as a resource, they have about the same regeneration speed and are also obtained by hitting their source, however they do not appear in different sizes.

Size and Maximum Resource Capacity

Farming resources often appear in different sizes, having different maximum capacities.

The Values are:

Resource/Size Small Medium Large
Farming Resources in the Forest 10 30 45
Farming Resources in the Winter 5 10 15
Natural Berry Bushes N/A 5 N/A
Crafted Berry Bushes 3 N/A N/A
Hunting Resource Sources N/A N/A N/A


Wood is the most common resource in It can be gathered with a pickaxe or by hand when hitting a tree. This resource is the most essential one in the game and cannot be missed. This resource is used in a lot of recipes, so always try to keep some wood in the inventory. With a better pickaxe, gathering wood can be done a lot more efficiently. 1 wood is collected per hit by hand, 2 wood from a wooden pickaxe, 3 wood from a stone pickaxe, 4 wood from a golden pickaxe, 5 wood from a diamond pickaxe, and 6 wood from an amethyst pickaxe.

Tree collection in the forest: Tree1 Tree2 Tree3 Tree4 Tree5

Tree collection in the winter: World fir big World fir medium World fir small


Stone is the second most common resource in It can be gathered with any pickaxe when hitting a stone deposit. Like wood, it can be found everywhere and is used in numerous recipes. With a wooden pickaxe, players can gather 1 stone per hit, with a stone pickaxe, 2 stone per hit, with a golden pickaxe 3 stone per hit, etc.

Stone deposits in the forest: World ore stone

Stone deposits in the winter: World ore snowstone


Gold is a resource which can be gathered with a stone pickaxe or a better one when hitting a gold deposit. Due to its rarity, farming this resource may require traveling around the map. Gold follows the same principle as other resources: players will gather 1 gold with a stone pickaxe, 2 with a gold pickaxe etc.

Gold deposits in the forest: World ore gold

Gold deposits in the winter: World ore snowgold


Diamonds are currently the second most rare resource in the game. Players can gather it with only a gold or above pickaxe when hitting a diamond deposit. They can only be found in the winter, making it rare for players, although they most likely can get the full capacity of diamonds the deposit contains, because most other players don't have the right tools for gathering them. Diamond follows the same principle as other resources: players will gather 1 diamond with a gold pickaxe, 2 with a diamond pickaxe etc.

Diamond deposits: World ore diamond


Amethyst is currently the highest and rarest farming resource in the game. They can only be found in the winter and generates in the cave which is guarded by dragons. Amethyst was added in the April 28th update - "Winter is Finally Here". Amethyst can only be gathered using diamond or amethyst pickaxes.

Amethyst deposits: World ore amethyst

Hunting Resources

Hunting resources are obtained by killing mobs. The currently 5 mobs (Rabbits, Wolves, Spiders, Arctic Foxes, Polar Bears and Dragons), which all have a unique drop listed below. These are used to craft items which don't need to be crafted in order to survive, (e.g. build a base or kill others) but they support you by enhancing cold resistance, increasing inventory space etc.

Rabbit Fur

Rabbit fur is a type of fur dropped exclusively by rabbits upon death. They are used to craft earmuffs, the IKEA Manual and the explorer's hat.

Rabbits can be hunted in the forest: Rabbit

Wolf Fur

Wolf fur is a type of fur dropped exclusively by wolves upon death. They are used to craft the coat and the bag.

Wolves can be hunted in the forest: Wolf


Thread is dropped by spiders upon death. They drop two per kill. Thread can be used to craft bandages, chapkas and many other useful items.

Spiders can be hunted in the forest: Spider

Winter Fur

Winter fur is dropped by mobs in the winter--the polar bear and arctic fox. Winter fur is used to craft the cap & scarf.

Arctic foxes and polar bears can be hunted in the winter: Winter fox Bear

Dragon Heart

The dragon heart is dropped exclusively by dragons upon death. The dragon heart allows players to revive themselves after they die. If they are carrying a dragon heart upon death, they will be given 60 seconds to reach a resurrection stone. If they succeed, their lives will be restored at full health.

Dragons can be hunted in the cave: Dragon

Category World ore gold Resources
Mining Resources Inv wood Wood · Inv stone Stone · Inv gold Gold · Inv diamond Diamond · Inv amethyst Amethyst · Inv fruit Berries
Drops Inv meat raw Raw Meat · Inv rabbit fur Rabbit Fur · Inv wolf fur Wolf Fur · Inv thread Thread · Inv winter fur Winter Fur ·

Inv dragon heart Dragon Heart

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