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Player Session Specifics
User In-game name Server Time zone Time(s) Playing style Description
jerrymonkeyinc Omega3 AS#1-4 Singapore UTC +8
*Everyday every time
Spencer eats cats Ditcheese WA most populated one UTC -7
*Most days at 5 pm, or 1 pm.
PHOENIX147 Phoenix Least populated normal or least populated/lowest day zombs UTC -7
Mon: 3 hr session between 3 - 10 PM

Tue: 9 - 10 PM

Wed: Undetermined

Thu: 3 - 6

Fri: Undetermined

Sat: Undetermined

Sun: 6 hrs sometime during the day

No school: 3 hrs sometime during the day

Neutral casual Friendly and nice unless provoked
Evil Phoenix Hungergames Hardcore killer JUST RUN.
Hildahwwong Newbie


Smallest one at the time UTC -5
*May be from 2 PM~11 PM

My schedule changes daily, so no set numbers.

AmQuake Quake EU #1 populated

WA all

UTC -8 *Weekends ~11am

*Weekdays ~3~8pm

Chenleo Little White SA #2 (below 30 players)

AS all

UTC +8
*Weekends ~8 AM

*Weekdays around 2~3 PM

TropicSapling Tropic EU, any server that isn't full. Sometimes on hunger games. UTC +1
*Weekends: 14~22 (2 PM ~ 10 PM)

*Weekdays: 16~20 (4 PM ~ 8 PM)

Note: Currently not online that often since I have a lot to do irl. Will be online more often during the summer though (June to August).

109Natsu 109Natsu Random all

AS #1 (Tokyo)

UTC +9
Note: Message me on discord when I'm online.

Somewhat inactive

Gregorian24 Gregorian24 AS #4 (Singapore) when not full UTC +7
*Around 3 PM - 6 PM
LS The Kings {LS} King Tyler EU 1,4,5,8 UNKNOWN usually at 9PM-1AM
Mykeypowell mykeypowell WA #7

EU 3-5

UTC -5
usally 8-10 a.m or at 6 a.m.
Adriennechansl random person AS, Singapore - whichever has the fewest players at the time that I join the server UTC +8
quite irregular, online on weekends
SlightlySnarky Doctor Dank AU #1 or #2. UTC +8
Highly irregular, doesn't play very often.
  • Daylight saving time is observed in the U.S.A and some other countries, see the list below for DST schedule this year.
Country/Time Zone Hours Saved Starts Ends Notes
U.S.A. 1 hour Mar 12th Nov 5th
Canada 1 hour Mar 12th Nov 5th
Sweden 1 hour Mar 26th Oct 29th

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