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Player status bars are the four bars that can be found on top of the inventory slots, and the fifth bar that appears on top of said bars when the player is underwater. These indicate the status of the player's Health / Life, Hunger, Cold, Water and Oxygen. Players need to make sure to keep all five up at all times: when one of the other four bars are out, the player starts to lose health. If the player runs out of health, the player dies.


  • Life is basic. Players lose life upon player or mob attack, or by standing too close to a spike or campfire. Players will be able to regenerate the life bar if all of the other bars (food, cold, water and oxygen) are above 35%. Bandages will help players regain life faster (increasing regeneration by 3x). However, if one or more of the other bars are not above 35%, a bandage will be ineffective.
  • Food bar will slowly decrease over time. Food can be obtained from hunting mobs, or by farming plants (berries and wheat), which replenishes some or all of the food bar upon consumption. The amount of food bar each type of food bar can restore is written on the food pages. The food bar goes from full to completely empty in 1 minute 40 seconds. *1
  • Cold bar will also decrease over time. (The name is actually inverse - when the cold bar is full the player is warm, when the cold bar is empty, the player is freezing.) During the day, the cold bar will gradually increase for those without chapkas. (A coat will completely stop cold bar reduction during the day in the forest.) At night, the cold bar will decrease very quickly, especially in the winter biome. In such occasions, the cold bar decreases extremely fast, and players will be required to be near a fire in order to warm up from time to time. During night, the cold bars of players without chapkas equipped goes from full to empty in about 30 seconds. *2
  • Water bar shows how well the player is hydrated, and decreases slowly over time, at about the same rate as the food bar. Players can drink water by going into the water, or standing on a bridge of a lake or ocean, or by using a full water bottle.
  • Oxygen bar is hidden at full status, and will stay full until when the players goes into a lake or ocean). It appears as a white bar on top of the four other bars. Swimming without diving suits causes the oxygen bar to rapidly drain. It regenerates as soon as the player gets on land. Wear a diving mask or a diving suit to slow down the decreasing speed of this bar while swimming.

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*1 *2 : This information may not be accurate in the new update.

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