Player needs to eat food and stay warm to not die.

When killed drops 1/3 of his score to the player that killed him.

When walking in snow biome player's speed decreases by 20%

Death Messages

Death Messages are displayed when the player dies. They were added in the newest update - "You Will Die Happy".

You starved to death, as the name of the game implies
You froze to death. So sad
A player killed you whilst telling you to "git gud."
You stayed too close to the fire and burnt to death. Bad idea.
Your body will become a nest for spider eggs
The wolf won't starve anymore after eating you
The fox was too quick for you
The bear only wanted a hug.
You were burnt to a crisp by a dragon. So sad.
You jumped into a spike wall. Not a good idea...
Even the ghost can die.

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