Rabbits are the simplest and easiest animal you can hunt, since they provide no real harm to the player. It runs away from the player upon sight. It is faster than the player, so it is recommended to corner it into an object to kill it. Spears are also good for counteracting their speed.

Rabbits give one piece of raw meat when killed and rabbit fur.


The most common of the aggressive mobs, it runs towards the player upon sight and will not stop until line of sight is broken or the player is far away. Slower than the player and easy to outrun. Deals damage when on top of the player. It is recommended to run away and hit it every so often. If you have decent gear the wolf is an easy kill. Upon its death, the player will receive two pieces of raw meat and Wolf fur. The wolf does a lot of damage, around 1/5 of the players health bar.


Currently the most dangerous of the mobs, the spider runs and attacks the player at a much quicker pace (pauses a lot - take advantage of that!), almost always requiring an obstacle to get away. Its special ability is to trap players for 2-3 seconds allowing the spider to catch up and deal massive damage. It is not recommended to fight unless absolute necessary or if you have the best gear. Although with full health, it is possible with a stone sword to run and attack, although it is dangerous. The spider gives 2 threads, which is used to make bandages, earmuffs and coat. The spider doesn't do as much damage as the wolf, but is much faster, and with its trappings ability, almost inescapable.

*As of the newest update, Spiders are weaker than wolfs. They immobilize, but, do less damage.

Arctic Fox

The Arctic Fox resides in the snow biome. Of the two animals currently there (the Arctic fox and the Polar Bear), it is the weaker, making it a viable choice to farm winter fur for a cap & scarf.

Quite similar to the wolf it is easily killed by using a spear.

Polar Bear

The Polar Bear is the stronger of the two animals currently in the snow biome making it very difficult to fight without post-snow gear or plenty of friends.

Since the bear is so difficult to fight, it's recommended to avoid them altogether, and go for foxes instead.

If you really want to kill one it is recommended to attack with a spear because of range.

One easy way to farm for polar bears is to take advantage of their slow speed, and kite them while running in circles around a fire. It is recommended to use a sword while doing this, for extra damage. If you use this technique, make sure not to keep hitting the fire as after about 15-20 hits the fire will de-spawn, leaving you vulnerable to the cold.


The Dragon is the "final boss" of To reach it, you must traverse the snow biome to the very end, where they guard the Amethyst.

*The dragon deals 1/3 damage, recommended to kill it using spear.

*The dragon can be avoided by explorers hat making it much easier to collect the Amethyst.


Kraken is a boss mob that currently spawn in the ocean biome. It drops a kind of leather used for the diving suit and the super hammer. The Kraken is able to climb onto bridges. No matter what helmet you are wearing, this fiendish monster will kill you in 2 hits thus dealing around 80% damage to your health. 

GMO Piranha

GMO piranha is a mob that was added in the Vamos a la Playa update. It lives in the ocean, GMO piranhas are genetically modified to live in the ocean. It is a hostile mob which can climb onto bridges and hurt players. It drops piranha scales and fish upon death.


- When being chased by a hostile mob, remember that they chase you in short bursts of movement (although apparently not the wolf). So if you run around a small object, like a wall, small tree or berry bush, you will most likely lose their aggro.

- Rabbits will run away when approached, and are much faster than you. Try using a spear to hunt them, as the extra range will give you the advantage, or try droving them into obstacles, or the border of the map.

- Keep in mind you can run faster than a wolf or a polar bear, but slower than a spider (actually easy to outrun) or an arctic fox. A wolf is easy to kite, and is surprisingly easy to kill with even the most primitive weapons. However, if you only have a wooden or stone pickaxe, it is recommended to avoid hostile mobs, as the reach provided from the pickaxe is very small. If you are inexperienced, or want to play safe, wait until you get a sword or spear before engaging a wolf or spider. While it is possible to kill a wolf by punching it to death, it is not recommended as your fists do not do a lot of damage and it may take up the better part of the day.

- The common animals of the snow biome, the polar bear, and the arctic fox, are EXTREMELY dangerous! They have a large amount of health, are quick enough to keep up pace with you, and do quite a lot of damage, and the freezing temperatures don't help. Make sure to bring along plenty of campfires (or a furnace and hammer), as well as a chapka to fight the cold. When hunting for winter fur, run away in a straight line, or continuously walk around a fire, and attack them sparsely. Holding any weapon slows you down, so make sure to de-quip as soon as possible to gain distance before hitting again. Another approach is to not use a weapon at all, and fight with a pickaxe instead. This is actually safer, as you'll be able to outrun the animal, but can take a much longer time.

- Dragons have HUGE amounts of health, deal heavy damage and move faster than you, so trying to kill them conventionally is suicidal. When going into the dragon cave for amethyst, it is recommended to wear an explorer's hat or block off a safe zone with structures. If you want to acquire a valuable dragon heart, wait for one to move into the corner and then trap it with walls and a door. You can then open the door (they will never move through), and attack with a spear or sword through it.

Have fun!

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