Miscellaneous structures are structures that do not fit into the categories of other structures, including walls, spikes, doors, and fires. They serve different and unique purposes.

Picture Name Station required Recipe Description
Inv seeds
Seeds Fires 3 berries + 20 wood Planting a seed will eventually

grow a small berry bush that

provides berries for the player.

Does not obstruct the player.

Inv fruit
Small bush Over time (from seed) 1 Seed Holds 3 berries that regenerate

slower than a normal berry bush.

Will be destroyed quickly if harvested with tools. Dies naturally after 10 in-game days, or 40 minutes real-time.

Does not obstruct players.

Inv workbench
Workbench None 40 wood + 20 stone Allows crafting of more advanced

items and also obstructs players

Inv chest
Chest Workbench 60 wood + 20 stone + 10 gold Stores any amount of one item publicly. Use a lock to prevent access to those not from your team. Obstructs the player.
Inv res stone
Resurrection Stone Workbench 50 Stone +

40 Diamond

In conjunction with the dragon's heart, this structure can revive you after death.
Inv totem
Totem Workbench 200 Wood Enables players to create, join, and manage teams.

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