Miscellaneous clothing are are clothing items that are neither helmets, chapkas, or crowns. There are currently three miscellaneous clothing items in game: the explorer's hat, bag, and the hood.

Explorer's Hat

The explorer's hat is a hat that allows players to pass by hostile mobs without detection. This is useful in situations where players cannot afford or do not have time to fight the mob. The explorer's hat can be crafted with 5 rabbit fur, 5 paper and 4 thread near a workbench.


The bag, also known as backpack, is an item used to give extra inventory space for players. It is one of the most common clothing items obtained by players, as this does not take any inventory space, and is wearable with other types of clothing. It is automatically used when crafted.


Hood is a clothing item that allows players to hide their names. When equipped, players can steal random stacks of items from other players' inventories by hitting them with their hands (tools and weapons will NOT work). Wearing it also decreases cold (same as earmuffs). This item was added in the Purge update.

When equipped, there will be a five second count-down until the steal ability is enabled. In addition, the ability only gets enabled during the night, away from fires. After a successful steal or if hit by a player, the ability gets disabled for five seconds.

However, the hood cannot be used for most quests. Also, hood users cannot steal an item that is equipped.

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