This is the page to show all main contributors on the wiki, all data is directly pulled from users' own pages on 06/27, see also Special:Listusers.


Username Edits Joined Status Notes
Gustavo240631 17 April 4th Inactive Founded wikia, but has not returned since.


Username Edits Joined Status Notes
Eogito 947 April 11th Active (See also reddit)
Chenleo 673 April 9th Active (See also reddit)


Username Edits Joined Status Notes
109Natsu 477 May 2nd Active
TropicSapling 330 April 24th Active (See also reddit)

100+ Contributors

Username Status Notes
Hildahwwong Active
SlightlySnarky Active
PHOENIX147 Idle Issues w/ timing, school and game
AmQuake Inactive

Other Contributors

See Special:Listusers.

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