This is the page to show all main contributors on the wiki, all data on the wiki is directly pulled from users' own pages on 09/15, this page updates at least once a week. See also Special:Listusers.


Player Rank: Founder Founded the wiki, but has not returned since.
17 Edits
Status: Inactive
Join Date: April 4th

Staff Members

User Eogito Rank: Bureaucrat Uploads images, does the styling. See also reddit.
1670 Edits
Status: Active
Join Date: April 11th
Skin3 Rank: Bureaucrat Does most of the content. Also works on templates and managing the discord.
1267 Edits
Status: Active
Join Date: May 2nd
Skin4 Rank: Bureaucrat Does all sorts of edits, mainly fixes and a couple bits of HTML bits and pieces.
1022 Edits
Status: Active
Join Date: April 9th
Player Rank: Content Mod
Focuses on content editing. :-) See also reddit.
679 Edits
Status: Active
Join Date: April 30th
User TropicSapling Rank: Administrator Does all sorts of edits, but mainly updates the suggestions & recipes pages as well as fixing formatting & styling. See also reddit.
460 Edits
Status: Active
Join Date: April 24th

100+ Contributors

Username Status Notes
Foxtrox25 Active Known for edit-farming (-150)
Hildahwwong Active
Random-person04 Active
PHOENIX147 Idle Issues w/ timing, school and game
AmQuake Inactive

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