Kraken is a boss mob that currently spawns in the ocean biome. It was added in the Vamos a la Playa update. It drops a kind of leather (kraken skin) used for the diving suit and the super hammer. The kraken is able to climb onto bridges. No matter what helmet the player is wearing, this fiendish monster will kill the player in 3 hits.


The best way to defeat it is to use around 15 bridges, use an amethyst spear for range, use someone as bait, and finally attack in groups or not. This is easily the strongest and hardest mob in the game, beating even the dragon at difficulty to kill, as it is faster than you in the water, and deals much more damage. It is recommended to use walls (or other structures) to block the kraken around it. Just like what you do to dragons, and yet this may need a player to bait it. When you get its skin, you can use it for a super hammer or a diving suit. You could also bring it to the edge of an island and continue to attack it WHILE STILL MOVING side to side. Also, never fight it in the water, unless you absolutely have to. You WILL die. But don't worry, kraken cannot win if you have a diving suit and a team.

More Information

  • Kraken is the strongest mob in the game. The kraken have 6000 health and 99 attack damage.

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