The Hunger Games Mode is a game-mode that can be accessible at the bottom of the server list. It is very similar, gameplay-wise, to the normal game-mode, but the server is only open for the first 10 minutes, and upon death, players get eliminated and must wait for the next round. The objective of the game is to be the only player left. If the server is closed, players can still join, but only as a spectator.



Handy Dandy Spectator

Spectators spawn with the Explorer's Hat. They are invisible to other players, unless they have pressed P to show spectators. Spectators can be killed by real players, mobs (by moving with them purposefully), and by fires and spikes. Spectators cannot choose their username (it always be "spectator"). A spectator's cold bar will never decrease, but their hunger bar does (consider it your time limit). Spectators can't hit anything, so they can't gather materials or kill people. They can also pass through resources and buildings.

Game End

Hunger games will continue indefinitely until one person remains.

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