Helmets are headwear that provide the strongest protection against damage when equipped. However, they don't help reduce cold, like the Chapkas - this means players have to sacrifice one advantage for another by wearing headwear. Helmets are generally used for combat. There are currently three tiers of helmets, with the fourth (amethyst helmet) being added in the next update.

Stone Helmet

Inv stonehelmet

The stone helmet is the lowest tier of helmets, and provides the lowest protection. They are useful, however, at times, especially in the earlier stages.

100 wood and 150 stone is required to craft the stone helmet.

Golden Helmet

Inv goldhelmet

The golden helmet is the middle tier of helmets, and provides considerable protection.

120 wood, 180 stone, 100 gold, and a stone helmet is required to craft the golden helmet.

Diamond Helmet

Inv diamondhelmet

The diamond helmet is currently the high tier of helmets, and provides strong protection.

200 stone, 100 gold, 160 diamonds, and a golden helmet is required to craft the diamond helmet.

Amethyst Helmet

Inv amethysthelmet

The amethyst helmet is currently the highest tier of helmets, and provides maximum protection.

200 gold, 160 diamond, 100 amethyst, and a diamond helmet is required to craft the amethyst helmet.

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