Crafting Station
Workcraft Workbench
Item(s) Amount
Inv stone Stone 30
Inv gold Gold 40
Inv wall gold Golden Wall 1
Inv spikewall gold Golden Spikes


Golden spikes are structures that act as walls that inflict damage to all players upon contact, except for whoever placed it and his/her teammates. Spikes will also inflict a small amount of damage on players who attack it, even if they are out of range of the actual spikes. When placed, mobs/players can't walk through it, which is very useful when running away from an attacker, or building a base. Golden spikes can only be broken by hammers or amethyst tools. Hammers are generally faster at breaking golden spikes than amethyst tools.

More Information

Golden Spikes are crafted with 40 Gold, 30 Stone, and a golden wall at the Workbench. They are one tier below Diamond Spikes and one tier above Stone Spikes. It is recommended to use this as a wall in Zombie Mode.

800 gold spikes will take: (At the very least, not including time to collect needed supplies/resources or to survive after.)


43,200 gold, 37,600 stone, 16,000 wood


8 hours


17140 food (A selection of: 1714 berries, 1143 bread, 490 steak, 427 fish, 572 pumpkins, 1225 garlic, 172 cake or sandwich, 344 cookies, or 857 crab sticks.)


90 fires (Small are best for resource efficiency, 2,250 wood, 450 stone, if your food choice is garlic it will eliminate the need for fires.)

Multiplayer Crafting

Divide everything by amount of players *EXCEPT* for resources.

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