The forest is the original biome that encompassed all of the map when the game came out. Currently, it covers about 1/4 of the map and takes up half of the bottom section, accompanied by the ocean. The forest is the basis for survival, as it has a much warmer climate than other biomes, as well as less powerful mobs. All players spawn in the forest, and work their way towards the winter and/or the ocean.


The forest is advantageous for players because of its warmer climate. It also provides players with basic resources and food required for survival. The forest is the only biome that allows players to plant berries, wheat, pumpkin, wheat, and garlic without first placing down a plant plot and/or bridge (excluding islands in the ocean). Players are also able to move faster in the forest then in the winter and ocean. Ground / soil can be exclusively gathered in the forest, using a shovel.


The forest can be disadvantageous for players mainly due to the higher amount of players there. There is often competition for resources and points. Also, the forest does not give the higher tier resources of diamondsamethystdragon hearts, winter fur, and more.




Lakes are small to medium-sized water sources found in the forest. There are a total of 11 of them on the map, all of which are in the forest biome. While in a lake, the thirst bar will fill, but the player will lose oxygen, and also will have increased cold reduction. Building a bridge on a lake allows players to hydrate themselves, without losing oxygen and cold. Players can also go in the ocean biome and receive the same effects.

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