Food is an essential item that is required for survival. There are currently 9 types of food in the game: Berries, Raw Meat, Cooked Meat, Fish, Cooked Fish, Bread, Cookies, Cake, and Sandwiches. Different types of food have different levels of effectiveness. 

Berries are the most common food in the game. They grow from berry bushes, which are identified as purple dots on the mini-map. A berry bush, which can hold 5 berries at a time, is about enough for a single person, and more can be planted using seeds (3 berries at a campfire) Bushes planted by players can only hold 3 berries at a time and can die from age. Using pickaxes or swords to harvest berries from planted bushes may kill them faster. Berries fill the hunger bar faster than Raw Meat, but nowhere near Cooked Meat.

Raw Meat drops off of Rabbits, Wolves, Arctic Foxes, Polar Bears and Dragons A Rabbit drops one Meat, the Wolf and the Fox drops two, the Bear drops three, and the Dragon drops five. It is not recommended to eat raw meat, considering it causes food poisoning, does not fill the hunger bar very well and can be used to make Cooked Meat, which is far more effective. Acquiring it may also be difficult, due to a Rabbit's tendency to run away and hostility of the other mobs.

Cooked meat can be crafted (AKA cooked) with Raw Meat near a heat source. Even if it's the efficient food, new and more advanced players would collect berries over meat, since it is easier and quicker to gather berries. Cooked Meat also needs to be crafted, which can take a long time for the player.

Bread is a food item made out of flour. It was added in the Vamos a la Playa update. Bread restores about 1/4 of the hunger bar when consumed. Considering that cookies can restore about double the hunger bar, with only one more berry in the recipe, they are more effective and more efficient to make. Bread can be used to make sandwiches.

Cookie is a food item crafted with berries and flour. It was added in the Vamos a la Playa update. Consuming a cookie restores about 1/2 of the hunger bar, making it a better alternative than bread.

Cake is a food item that is made by berries, flour, and ice cubes. It is 100% effective; it fills up the player's hunger completely when eaten. It was added in the Vamos a la Playa update.

Fish is a food item dropped by GMO Piranhas and Krakens upon death. Fish was added along with the cooked fish in the Vamos a la Playa update. It can be cooked by a fire to make cooked fish. When raw fish is eaten, it restores 10% of the food bar. It restores more food when cooked. Eating it raw deals a small amount of damage to the player.

Cooked fish is a food item made by cooking a fish using a fire source. Fish can be dropped by GMO piranhas or Krakens. Cooked fish along with the fish was added in the Vamos a la Playa update.

Sandwich is a food item which fills 100% of the food bar. This item was added in the Chrono Quests update. Each sandwich is crafted with 1 bread and 1 Cooked Meat. As it fills more than the two of them combined, it is a very effective source of food.

Category Meat (1) Food
Healthy Inv fruit Berries
Protein Inv meat raw Raw Meat · Inv meat cooked Cooked Meat · Inv fish Fish · Inv fish cooked Cooked Fish
Bakery Inv bread Bread · Inv sandwich Sandwich · Inv cookies Cookies · Inv cake Cake

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