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Discord is a fun and useful app for gamers.

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Known Editors on Discord

To make it easy to contact every user, insert your wiki user name and your Discord name+number here.

Name (wiki) User name No. Notes
leafffffff @leaf #8853
Chenleo @Chenleo #2046 Also @Little White
SlightlySnarky @SlightlySnarky #8239
Eogito @Eogito #7908
Hildahwwong @Qul #8313 Also @Not-So-Newbie
AmQuake @Quake #8125
TropicSapling @Tropic #6861 Used to be @Newsupermario_
109Natsu @109Natsu #1679
ll0ME0ll @-=[ME]=- #1253
QlnwtheOctoGuy @QlnwtheOctoGuy #4787 The name I leaved is the name in the server. You can join and see my real accout name.
Random-person04 @random person #5143

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