Crafting Station
Workcraft Workbench
Item(s) Amount
Inv stone Stone 80
Inv gold Gold 60
Inv diamond Diamond 40
Inv sword gold Golden Sword 1
Inv sword diamond Diamond Sword
Used in
Inv amethyst sword Amethyst Sword


Diamond sword is the second highest tier of swords. It is a tool for dealing damage to other players or mobs. Diamond sword deals enough damage to quickly hunt almost any player or mob (except dragons, of course). A diamond sword can be upgraded to an Amethyst sword. Swords have a shorter range but deal more damage than Spears.

More Information

80 stone, 60 gold, 40 diamond, and a golden sword is required to craft a diamond sword.

See also:

Category Golden Sword Vector Weapons
Swords Inv sword stone Stone Sword · Inv sword gold Golden Sword · Inv sword diamond Diamond Sword · Inv amethyst sword Amethyst Sword
Inv sword dragon Dragon Sword
Spears Inv spear stone Stone Spear · Inv spear gold Golden Spear · Inv spear diamond Diamond Spear · Inv spear amethyst Amethyst Spear
Unobtainable Inv sword cursed Cursed Sword

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