Gear This feature is Removed, Unobtainable or Unimplemented Gear
It's not possible to get this in game :(


Cursed sword is an item that may be implemented in the future. This sword has high damage, reduces cold of enemies and can harvest all resources, but cannot be unequipped, and increases cold and hunger of the player equipping it. Red Orb and Dragon Sword will be required to craft this item.

Category Golden Sword Vector Weapons
Swords Inv sword stone Stone Sword · Inv sword gold Golden Sword · Inv sword diamond Diamond Sword · Inv amethyst sword Amethyst Sword ·

Inv sword dragon Dragon Sword

Spears Inv spear stone Stone Spear · Inv spear gold Golden Spear · Inv spear diamond Diamond Spear · Inv spear amethyst Amethyst Spear
Inv sword cursed Cursed Sword

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