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Cooked meat is currently the best possible food in the game in terms of hunger gained, recovering practically the entire food bar (~80%). It can be made with Raw Meat near a campfire. Cooked Meat also needs time to be crafted, taking copious lengths with large amounts.


  • Once you have good tools, hunting for meat is more efficient for the long run over berries
  • It's less requiring to fill the hunger bar (several berries constantly, 1 meat every once in a while)
  • Meat sources are more constant than berries (farms required for berries to be reliable)


  • If you eat it before you reach 20% hunger, you essentially waste part of the food
  • You need 2 spaces if holding raw meat to cook later
  • You need a fire to craft your food
  • Crafting the meat takes time (potential danger of starving/players/cold/hostile animals and wasting time doing nothing)

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