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The chest is a structure that allow players to store an infinite amount of a particular item. Chests are also used for exchange between players. Chests are really useful mid-game where players still need lots of different resources but don't have the inventory space to carry them.

The chest was added in the Community Experience update, suggested by Manfredini. As of the He is Alive update, the chest is now compatible with lock and key to protect them.

Lock and Key

Players can use locks and keys to protect a chest. When the chest is locked, players can still break it and any items inside will disappear, just like a normal chest. To remove a lock, a key is required. When a key is used on a lock, both the lock and the key are destroyed, granting free reign over the chest. The person that locked the chest can access the chest without keys.

More Information

To craft the chest, 60 wood, 20 stone, and 10 gold is required along with a nearby workbench.

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