Crafting Station
Workbench Workbench
Item(s) Amount
Inv winter fur Winter Fur 15
Inv blue cord Blue thread 10
Inv coat Coat 1
Inv Cap and scarf Cap & Scarf


Cap and scarf, also known as cap, or winter chapka, is the highest tier of chapkas. They can be upgraded from coat. The cap and scarf is the highest grade of cold protection, able to withstand the winter with occasional fires.

To get the cap and scarf, players have to first go through the snow biome to get diamond, making it an essential stepping stone before attempting to engage the dragons.


With the cap and scarf, the forest biome has extremely little effect on the cold bar (about as much as the coat), and players can live for long periods of time without fire so long as they don't venture back into the winter. In the winter, the cold protection during the day is similar to the coat during nights in the forest. This vastly increases the distance players can travel and allows for obtaining more diamonds and amethyst.

When planning on getting the winter furs for the cap & scarf it's recommended to:

1. Go with another player deep into the winter to farm animals quicker. This strategy is more dangerous but it will save you time compared to.. 

2. Find and lead the winter animals to the edge of the winter; This will take longer than the aforementioned, but is a lot safer, and can be done alone, since the animals will not pass the winter boundary line if you continue to move, however if you stand still they will pass the boundary and attack you. Remember to have a fire nearby for this because you will sometimes be wandering into the snow to find and lead animals back.

3. Or just kill them with skill :)

More Information

Cap and scarf cannot be upgraded any further.

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