Blue Thread, or 'Diamond thread,' is essentially a higher tier of thread. It is only used currently in crafting a Cap, which prevents freezing. "More use's in future updates," said by the developers.

Category Chest Items
Equipment Pickaxes Inv pickaxe wood Wooden · Inv pickaxe stone Stone · Inv pickaxe gold Golden · Inv pickaxe diamond Diamond · Inv amethyst pickaxe Amethyst
Hammers Inv hammer stone Stone · Inv hammer gold Golden · Inv hammer diamond Diamond · Inv hammer amethyst Amethyst
Swords Inv sword stone Stone · Inv sword gold Golden · Inv sword diamond Diamond · Inv amethyst sword Amethyst
Spears Inv spear stone Stone · Inv spear gold Golden · Inv spear diamond Diamond · Inv spear amethyst Amethyst
Chapkas Inv earmuffs Earmuffs · Inv coat Coat · Inv Cap and scarf Cap & Scarf
Helmets Inv stonehelmet Stone · Inv goldhelmet Golden · Inv diamondhelmet Diamond · Inv amethysthelmet Amethyst
Miscellaneous Inv explorerhat Explorer's Hat · Inv bag Bag
Resources Mining Resources Inv fruit Berries · Inv wood Wood · Inv stone Stone · Inv gold Gold · Inv diamond Diamond · Inv amethyst Amethyst
Drops Inv meat raw Raw Meat · Inv thread Thread · Inv rabbit fur Rabbit Fur · Inv wolf fur Wolf Fur · Inv winter fur Winter Fur
Miscellaneous Crafting Ingredients Inv paper Paper · Inv blue cord Blue Thread
Utilities Inv book Ikea Manual · Inv lock Lock · Inv key Key
Survival Inv meat cooked Cooked Meat · Inv bandage Bandage

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