• ShamanOfTotems

    "Git Gud"

    May 11, 2018 by ShamanOfTotems

    Okay, so i was busy collecting some stone off-base because all of the nodes had run out.

    by this time i was already thriving, with at least 4 meat in my inventory. I also had 2 cords and 2 rabbit fur... Almost enough to make a Peasant's Tunic.

    I had previously made a mini farm with some garlic and pumpkin. but they died REAL fast.

    I saw these "Pros" who were acting as if they were beginners, holding a gold sword, and wearing earmuffs.

    So they said: "Lol i like being savage" and the other: "lets go kill [PLAYERNAME]".

    But they weren't really targetting ME specifically. So i just relaxed, but i hinted at my fear for them.

    Why so? Because one just pulled a DRAGON SWORD out.

    So these words: "I am sooo dead aren't I", slipped out of my "mouth" and one…

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  • KevinAlcain

    This story focuses on a starver named Jeremy. He is 12 years old and his parents are expert pvp fighters.

    Btw, this fanfic censors swear words in funny ways.

    Jeremy: I'm hungry. Where's the food?

    Lisa (Jeremy's Mom): Sorry son, your dad couldn't find any wolves to kill today.

    John (Jeremy's Dad): Those fracturing iHax members stole the wolves from the server again!

    Jeremy: What?

    John: I'll see if the berry bush has anything. *walks into the kitchen*

    John: Oh spears, the berry bush is wilted! Where's that watering can!

    ???: *steals the watering can from the table*

    John: What the fructose! *throws a wooden spear at him*

    ???: *runs away*

    John: Stupid hoods.

    Jeremy: Dad, that was my spear!

    John: Oh, sorry son.

    Lisa: Can someone get some wood? I need to smel…

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  • UnknownGamer12

    Please add a single player mode because when i start off I'm always being killed by mostly players that are stronger. sometimes if I get lucky I can get into diamond but even so they are always killing me for points. that's why i suggest you make it and I know its a hard favor.

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  • QlnwtheOctoGuy

    It's QUITE MASSIVE. 99% of the posts are completely pointless and spam. They are litirally unreadable, do not make any point. Please remove all of them, they are completely useless.

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  • Mastertrey1221

    (This will not be a tutorial on how to get to winter.) The beginning, atleast in my opinion, is the hardest part of the game. I'm referring to pre-winter as beginning. In my opinion, harder than mid game and near the end of the game. Reason being:

    1 - You might start off in the night which will force you to be quick to get supplies to build a fire, or find a fire.

    2 -  The animals you need for materials may be very hard to come upon sometimes. For some odd reason, this happens a lot whenever you're looking for that specific animal. Maybe that's just my luck. Don't always expect to get a coat and ikea manual on your 2nd day, it might even take you 6.

    3 - People will attack you and chase you away from your, or other people's fires. This makes m…

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  • Chenleo

    Hello everyone! As you might know, we now have three language versions of the wiki, and I had decided to make the fourth language version of it - Chinese. There are plenty of players in Taiwan who struggle with getting the best info for, and that's what we had, so the translation would be helpful for them. If you would like to join this project, leave a comment to let me know, also tell me what kind of resources you have to help us. The project will start on July 4th, see you then.

    List of participants

    Username Notes
    Chenleo Founder of the project.
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  • AmQuake


    May 6, 2017 by AmQuake

    As we all know, the original founder of the wikia is has been inactive for some time now. In order to fix this, the wikia must be adopted (more info ). However, for an adoption request with multiple active editors, we need to discuss the new staff.

    As of May 6th, the current user edit list is as follows(first few):

    Name Edits Joined Extra
    Eogito 251 April 11th Active (See also reddit)
    AmQuake 199 April 20th Active (this post)
    Hildahwwong 182 April 9th Active (started admin discussion)
    TropicSapling 117 April 24th Active
    PHOENIX147 91 April 17th Community active (started admin discussion)
    Xamaximus 68 April 17th Inactive.
    Chenleo 60 April 9th Now active

    *Edit count pulled from user's pages

    Additionally, the admin must be inactive for 60 days-- making …

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  • Xamaximus

    Pages we need

    April 17, 2017 by Xamaximus
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