The amethyst pickaxe is a tool that allow the player to obtain resources. The amethyst pickaxe is an upgrade from dthe iamond pickaxe, and is the highest tier of pickaxes. Since it does not unlock a new resource to mine, many players choose not to craft the amethyst pickaxe and instead keep it as diamond.

The amethyst pickaxe is able to mine trees (6), stones (5), gold (4), diamonds (3) and amethyst (2).

More Information

The amethyst pickaxe can be crafted with 60 gold, 40 diamond, 30 amethyst, and 1 diamond pickaxe near a workbench.

Item(s) Amount per hit
Inv wood Wood 6
Inv stone Stone 5
Inv gold Gold 4
Inv diamond Diamond 3
Inv amethyst Amethyst 2
Crafting Station
Workcraft Workbench
Item(s) Amount
Inv gold Gold 60
Inv diamond Diamond 40
Inv amethyst Amethyst 30
Inv pickaxe diamond Diamond Pickaxe 1
Inv amethyst pickaxe Amethyst Pickaxe
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