Crafting Station
Inv workbench Workbench
Item(s) Amount
Inv gold Gold 200
Inv diamond Diamond 160
Inv amethyst Amethyst 100
Inv diamondhelmet Diamond Helmet 1
Inv amethysthelmet Amethyst Helmet


Amethyst helmet is the highest tier of helmets which can be equipped. While wearing it, player takes less damage from mobs, spikes and other players. The protection provided by the amethyst helmet is currently the highest possible.

More Information

Amethyst helmet is crafted using 200 gold, 160 diamond, 100 amethyst, and a diamond helmet near a workbench. Amethyst helmets cannot be upgraded any further. Upgrading to the amethyst helmet takes 2 minutes and 20 seconds. It is necessary that you have an Ikea Manual in your hand before you craft, with full food bars and substantial cold protection.

See also:

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